Left – Right: Area Director, Karen Jaeger-Nichols; Vice President, Bobby Bethel; President & Piper, Robin Robertson Gibsone; Secretary, Christy Duncan Lange; Area Director, Allen Robertson.
Not pictured: Historian, Denise Robertson Tabor

Rob Robertson Gibsone

Greetings CLAN DONNACHAIDH! The Children of Duncan and The Ancient Earls of Atholl!

As your President of the Florida Branch, I must say how proud I am to be part of one of The Greatest Clans in all of ALBA (Scotland). It is my pleasure also to be your Clan Piper! You as members of this Great Clan should also be proud, as you are not just members of a club, but part of a great family whose Chief still leads us in modern times!

As a family unit we should all work together to support each member and our Chief. There is no reason that we can’t be a powerful organization to support our members during times of financial unrest and the restoration of our Clan lands! All For One, and One For All! May GOD BLESS You and our Chief.

Our War cry says it ALL! "Garg’n Uair Dhuisgear!" (Fierce when Roused)

Yours aye!
Rob Robertson Gibsone (561-670-2120)

Bobby Bethel

It is my honor and privilege to serve as Vice-President of our Clan Donnachaidh Society of Florida. I have always had an interest in not only history, but more especially tracking heritage and family history. In 2014, my wife Pam and I attended the Northeast Florida Highland Games and Festival and became members of Clan Donnachaidh at that time. We have been working to assist our Area Director throughout Northeast and Central Florida and look forward to expanding and doing so in the future. We hope through this endeavour we will continue to promote our history and Scottish Heritage. At a time when our nation is trying to erase history, it is important that we hold on to our values and remember the history of our heritage.

I came to Clan Donnachaidh, through his marriage to Pam 49 years ago. Pam's mother, Betty Jo Robertson, and uncle, Rubin B Robertson, who have traced their family back to the James Robertson family born in 1690 in Scotland. I am active in our community having served as Deacon at Mandarin Presbyterian Church, where Pam & I have been members since 1977. I currently serve as Tyler at the Mandarin Masonic Lodge # 343 in Jacksonville, Florida and am Past President of West Jax Shrine Club of Morocco Temple and member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Jacksonville.

Karen Jaeger-Nichols


Christy Duncan Lange

Member of the Clan Donnachaidh Society of Florida and the Clan Donnachaidh Society in Scotland since 2001. My daughter and her friends invited me to attend the Central Florida Scottish Festival in January of 2000. It was great fun, and although I knew there was a clan associated with my name, Duncan, I was surprised to see a clan tent there. I remember speaking to a man, must have been Gordon Robertson, who piqued my interest in our family heritage. At the next year’s festival, I decided to join.

At the Annual Meeting in January 2002, I was elected Secretary. At first, my duties were limited to publishing the newsletter, since then the tasks, along with my interest have steadily increased. I find this position to be very fulfilling, and I love to talk with and e-mail our members. This is one of the great joys in my life! My dreams of visiting Scotland came true as I attended the 2005 and the 2007 Clan Gatherings and A.G.M. John and I also attended the "Homecoming Scotland 2009" event and participated in the joyous march up The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, led by Chief Robertson. Scotland is so beautiful and you can just feel the history in the air. Please go when you have the chance – your heart and spirit will be filled to overflowing.

In 2010, I was offered the remarkable opportunity to fill the position of International Vice Chairperson with the Clan Donnachaidh Council in Scotland. I was honored and excited to take on this new challenge. My role is to represent the many clan branches outside the U.K. and to provide communications between the Society and the Branches. I have enjoyed getting to know the leaders of each branch and am working to held them find ways to increase membership in their own branch and in the Clan Society in Scotland. We are all one family and we must work together to keep our heritage alive for the generations to follow.

I encourage you to join us in the celebration of our Scottish heritage. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Denise Robertson Tabor


Rob Robertson Gibsone

Until another person is found who can take the position of Director for the south Florida area, Rob will continue as volunteer. Rob may be contacted via e-mail, (Clan Donnachaidh) under subject. See you at the games!

Cheers, Rob





Honored visit by Struan for the 2017 Florida Branch AGM. Photo of Florida Branch Officers with Struan

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